The International Joint Commission held a conference call on Friday to address the high water crisis along Lake Ontario.

Although there was speculation they would address calls to get rid of plan 2014, the plan to manage the water levels, the IJC has not yet provided details of the meeting.

Meanwhile, people who live and work on the lake face tough decisions.

Waves coming in from Lake Ontario were crashing into the sandbar that separates it from Sodus Bay. The residents on Lake Beach Road are watching the sandbar disappears. Dan McCullough is a resident of Lack Bluff Road, and his dock is underwater, his boat lift is no longer accessible and water is flooding his property.

“The scariest thing is the sandbar that’s behind us here that protects us from the lake. If we get too many flood years like this, it’s gonna be in jeopardy,” said McCullough.

David Fox also lives on Lack Bluff Road, and he is in jeopardy of losing his boat house.
“All these shore properties, the boat house, the docks, the front yards, they’re now going to be come lake front property, said Fox. ” Are they gonna survive these waves? Who knows?”

Both families are dealing with record-breaking flood levels, and high winds that only add to the flooding.
Both want action from International Joint Commission

“And I think with the new members of the IJC, I’m hoping, we’re all hoping that they’ll see the light of day,” said Fox.

James Robeson, president of the Sodus Bay Improvement Association is unable to get much of any work done lately because of the heavy flooding.
“So our program is on suspension right now because we can’t get around docks because the docks are underwater. We don’t know where they are, and we’re afraid we’re gonna damage the docks or damage our equipment.”​​​​​​​
The IJC has already increased Lake Ontario outflow putting it at a historic maximum rate. They said they will hold emergency meetings to discuss potential solution.

The IJC held a conference call Friday to talk about the flooding, but it was not open to the public, and the group hasn’t released any further details.

Meanwhile, The Nature Conservancy, an environmental research and lobbying group, released a statement accusing government leaders of political posturing and blasting them for blaming plan 2014 for problems it said was caused by extreme weather.