In 2017 alone, there were a staggering 4,867 emergency calls in Monroe County for domestic violence, according to a new report from the Willow Domestic Violence Center.

The report, released yearly by the agency that helps victims of domestic violence, found that the calls were split nearly evenly between the City of Rochester and other areas in Monroe County.

The report also found:

• There were 4,867 reports of domestic violence made last year in Monroe County – these are reports by Law Enforcement agencies in 4 categories: aggravated assault, simple assault, sex offense and order of protection violation.
• Of the nearly 4,900 reports, 54% came from our City and 46% from our suburbs
• 46,446 calls were made to Monroe County 911 dispatch last year and classified as domestic disputes – down over 2,500 from last year
• 3,555 orders of protection were filed, above the 10 -year average of 3,300, with 1,069 final orders of protection granted
• Our community has seen a decrease in the number of offenders on active probation – with 285 domestic violence offenders on probation at the start of 2018, down 38% compared to 2015
• Our community lost 3 lives in Monroe County, and 5 lives in the City of Rochester, classified as domestic violence homicides  
• And during the last year, Willow Center received 5,590 calls to our emergency hotline – above prior years.

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