Dawn Seymour turned 100 a little more than two weeks ago. News 8 was at her party in South Bristol, overlooking Canandaigua Lake. 

On Monday, Dawn passed away. 

Dawn flew training missions during World War II, so it was fitting that at the birthday celebration, the 1943 warplane, Whiskey 7, did a fly-by, tipping the wing as a way to honor Dawn. She was ecstatic. 

Dawn was a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, and an American Patriot. She was an author, a business woman, and the first woman accepted into Cornell’s Aviation Program. She is a World War II pilot, and a congressional gold medal recipient.

Dawn’s daughter, Amy, captured an image of a bald eagle sitting on a branch outside of Dawns bedroom, no more than 20 feet away, on Monday afternoon. The bird remained in that spot for more than two hours. Dawn Seymour died a short time later, at her home, with loved ones nearby. 

Dawn lived a life full of achievement and leaves behind an incredibly loving family.