As the world mourns pop icon David Bowie, many in Rochester are remembering his one and only visit to the Flower City.
Bowie performed March 20, 1976 at the War Memorial. He was arrested late that evening and charged with having six ounces of marijuana. Also arrested was Bowie’s friend, Iggy Pop.
The arrest made worldwide headlines. 
In 2007, Bowie’s mug shot surfaced at an estate sale. The picture went viral.
“The discovery of the mug shot kind of opened up this true-life story of Bowie being jailed, right here in Rochester,” said filmmaker Matthew Ehler. “The mug shot to me is the story, this iconic beautiful photo of David Bowie.”
Ehler is making a documentary about Bowie’s arrest. It’s due out this fall. He also holds karaoke events called “Bowieoke,” in honor of Bowie. There was a Bowieoke last Friday, on Bowie’s birthday.
Bowie never did return to Rochester. He was supposed to perform at Silver stadium in the 1980s, but said the venue was too small.
“He said in the press reports at the time he doesn’t have a grudge against Rochester and would be back, but subsequently he never came back,” Ehler said. “In fact, he did actually cancel a show here in 1987 that I had a ticket for.”