ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – Religious leaders across the region reacted on Saturday to a mass shooting in Rochester, and demanding preventative solutions. Rev. Stewart said since 1989, he’s lost five loved ones to gun violence. Stewart called for a new crusade for clergy. He wants to get God back on the streets, and plant the seeds for all to respect life. Other religious leaders also weighing in hoping to stop mass shootings, like last night’s, from happening again.

“We must bring an end to it, we must stop it,” Stewart said. “And the clergy must be much more forceful.”

Stewart said at the First Church of God that shooting cannot be tolerated. He said Clergy needs to take their message to neighborhoods and to young people. He says all need to work to bring a renewed sense of hope, and get guns off of the streets.

“It must be a crusade of hope and a crusade of life,” Stewart said.

“Imagine how different these communities would be if they had the same options that White communities had,” Reverend Myra Brown said.

Brown, at a bike rally honoring Daniel Prude’s memory, also reacted to the mass shooting, calling for more resources for Black neighborhoods. She said the more we can give people a solid base to grow from, the less things like this might happen.

“And we can wake up one morning and not have to worry about having violence in our community,” Brown said.

Tabsssam Javid from the Islamic Center of Rochester said limits on social gatherings, like the one last night at the crime scene, needs to be enforced.

“This thing would not have happened if there was a preventative way of having the police show up and break up the party,” Javid said.

Javid also called out to get guns off the streets. Rev. Stewart demanded the same, asking Washington to do more regulation on the 300 million guns in the United States.

“More needs to be done relative to federal legislation in regards to gun control,” Stewart said.

Stewart also asked the community if you have any information on who the shooters are, call 911. He reminded everyone this is not snitching, but rather bringing the shooters to justice is investing in your own neighborhood.