Rochester received 15.6″ on Tuesday which shattered the old record set back in 1993 during the storm of the century. This snow all fell on Tuesday and is just a base for more snow that is expected for the rest of the day Wednesday.

As of 8:00 am, the storm total in Rochester was officially 22.2″ at the Airport. It should be noted that since 8:00am it has snowed heavily at the airport for at least 4 consecutively, which means that the snowfall rate was at 1 inch or more per hour. 

Moderate snow will continue as the massive nor’easter continues to move through the north Atlantic Ocean. The storm is forcing cold Canadian air southward over Lake Ontario and that is creating lake-enhanced snow across much of Western New York. This will give an additional 5″ for most. 

Strong winds will continue the blizzard like conditions through the afternoon. This will keep snow in the air regardless if it is snowing or not.

Here are some of the snow totals across the area as of Noon. Wednesday. These totals come from trained National Weather Service snow spotters. 

25.5″ inches just northwest of Rochester.

25″ in Perinton

20.5″ Pittsford

Another 2 to 5 inches of snow will fall across the area before the lake enhanced snowfall finally begins to dwindle.