The water level of Lake Ontario is the highest it’s been in recorded history.
And though the winds may not feel strong they’re coming in from the north and that’s all it took to put Edgemere Drive under more than a foot of water.
The water is pushing over many of the break walls and flooding through the homes and into the streets.
Homeowner Steve Hick says he lost the first floor to his home already.
“About an hour 45 minutes ago my first floor just got flooded. I’ve been keeping it down I went out and bought my own pump a week ago and I’ve been taking care of the problem myself, but this is far beyond what I can take care of.” said Hicks.
“You’ve got some homes that we now have ordered RG&E to terminate the power for their safety and we are doing at home by home so the remaining homes that have pumps running are able to stay ahead of the game we’re not going to want to turn off their power because that would really put them in a bad way, “said Reilich.
“One portion of my break wall already collapsed, we had to do repairs, temporary and bring in a full truckload of stones, and we’ve got a more permanent fix in the works right now.” said John Voltom.
Reilich says the good news is they have been doing chlorination treatments so this water is not contaminated.
It will take several weeks to significantly reduce these levels and even longer to return to the average water level conditions. One of the biggest concerns for people we talked to is financial support to help rebuild their homes.
Yesterday the great lakes flood recovery grant program’ was introduced on the floor of the state senate.
Greece Supervisor Bill Reilich says homeowners should expect relief with this bill.
“The legislation is currently before the state senate that’s going to provide $52 million in grant money which will allow each homeowner up to $15,000 in grant money we’re going to continue to work with the SPA to provide low interest loans.” said Reilich.