Recalls, studies have food safety concerns in spotlight

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A study that found a weed-killing chemical in a wide array of products, ranging from cereal to instant oatmeal to granola bars, has some people concerned about what’s going into their favorite foods.

On top of that, the glyphosate study comes on  the heels of a series of recalls related to salmonella risks in foods ranging from Ritz crackers to Swiss rolls.

“There’s so many chemicals that they spray food with nowadays so you don’t know what you’re putting on your plate,” says Joe Lugo.

According to the CDC, challenges to food safety will continue to arise in unpredictable ways, largely due to changes in our food production and supply.

The majority of our food is no longer coming straight from the farm and to our table. It’s coming from further away and from fewer and larger distributors. Doctors say if the food is not handled correctly, you might end up here.

“They can have a toxin and the toxin can cause damage to the intestine or the stomach; then you have the symptoms of pain and vomiting,” said Dr. Mary Rose Laguio-Vila.

However experts, like Dr. Laguio-Vila, say it’s not the food-borne contaminants that have increased —  it’s the ability to detect them that improved. “We have better diagnostic tests when people come in with a diarrhea illness and we have better ways to identify the pathogen.”

The doctor adds, “Now that we are able to identify it- then we can notify the state department. and if they see a pattern, that can lead too a full recall.”

The CDC adds there is no way to produce absolute safe food. Food safety is in the hands of the consumer by cooking food correctly and reporting if something with the food seems “off.”

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