Worried parents, students, and teachers packed a Rochester City School board meeting Thursday night. They’re watching closely as the district considers big cuts.
The future of the special education program is among the biggest concerns. Dozens of positions are on the chopping block, including caseworkers, coordinating administrators, and home school assistants.
Nathan Kester is an RCSD teacher. He says the loss of those positions would be problematic.
“To remove them would be a disaster because the cases really organize and deal with so much that we as teachers don’t have time to also deal with. The cases are vital to our students with special needs, said Kester.
Home School Assistant Shannon Henderson also weighed in, saying, “I feel like they’re not even giving us a chance to show and prove what it is we can do.”

The school district says attrition will likely save some of those jobs. The school board will vote on the budget next month.