Rochester City Ballet will present “Slightly Sinful” on stage at the Nazareth Arts Center September 9-11.

RCB Artistic Director David Palmer and guest choreographer, internationally acclaimed Danny Rosseel, discussed the production Wednesday on News 8 at Noon.

“Well, we’ve had a fantastic summer this year, so I though we’d just keep the heat up a little bit longer,” said Palmer of the season opening performance.  “It’s slightly sinful and it’s a lot of fun, and this really gave me an opportunity to put out part of my initial vision, which was really bringing some fantastic work from outside, and internationally, which is why Danny is here with us as the longstanding resident choreographer of the National Company of Belgium.  So it’s a fantastic program, it’s a date night, and it’s really for Mom and Dad, although it’s not exclusive, but I think it’s a great time to think about dinner and a ballet.”

Rosseel offered some insight into what “Slightly Sinful” will bring to audiences.  “Well, the idea behind it is that – the thought is that everybody of us has secret dreams, hidden desires, and eventually also slightly sinful thoughts – that’s the idea behind the ballet,” he said.  “It’s a ballet for four dancers and a table, which I consider as the fifth dancer – not moving, but more as a partner for the four dancers, and the table has also a function as the object that triggers the thoughts, the desire, the dreams.”

Rosseel also discussed the opportunity to collaborate with dancers from the Rochester City Ballet.  “I must say this collaboration was really fantastic,” he said.  “The dancers are great, very well trained, very focused, very open, so it’s really a pleasure to work with dancers of that caliber, and it’s also a pleasure to be here and an honor that my work is a part of this program.”
Palmer said Rosseel’s presence is part of his vision for the Rochester City Ballet and audiences.  “His work is extremely meticulous and of extraordinary quality,” he said.  “I liken a lot of his works, though he’s still living, as kind of master works, and so certainly we hope to have him back, but along the way I certainly am looking and venturing out and bringing some other really important choreographers and important choreographic works right here to our stages in Rochester.”
For tickets and more information about “Slightly Sinful,” visit the Rochester City Ballet website, click here.