ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With serious quality of life challenges and threats of eviction, Clinton Lofts resident Shelenese Webb says this doesn’t feel like home any more.

“It’s horrible. Every day I wake up and feel frustrated with how I’m living,” says Webb, who lives in one of the three buildings on the site.

Webb says she has had large rats under her refrigerator since she moved in, a cockroach infestation from holes in the wall, and severe black mold — and she’s not alone. She says these are things many residents have been asking to get fixed for months.

Jaquan Terry says some are taking owner Ron Zour to court

“This has been going on for awhile now,” Terry said. “We’ve been trying to get maintenance to take care of it, but they haven’t.”

“No one should have to live like this,” says Webb.

Pamela Owens with the City Tenants Union came across Clinton Lofts and has been informing residents of their rights and fighting to get these issues remedied. Webb says she’s given them a voice they otherwise didn’t know they had.

“Pam invited herself into my apartment with openness. Not judging me like ‘oh look how nasty’, but (asking) ‘how did it get like this,'” says Webb.

Owens and Webb say Zour is still conducting some evictions. According to Landlord Tenant Court in Rochester, Zour did take evictions forward to court, even after a media statement saying he was going to withdraw them. While Webb she’s not one of the ones being evicted, she still wants this building fixed and livable for all. 

“I just want you (Zour) to help!” says Webb.

News 8 did reach out to Ron Zour several times for clarification on evictions and where he stands, we’ve yet to receive word back.