Neighbors at the Affinity Orchard apartment complex in Greece are upset over an act of racist vandalism. A car in the complex’s parking lot was spray painted with racist words. 

Jowana Sallam says her daughter, like any curious kid starting to learn how to read, is trying read everything  she sees–that was a good thing, until now. 

“She didn’t get to come outside to play yesterday or today either, not until that car is taken away or covered, kids shouldn’t be exposed to that,” said Sallam.

A car parked right outside their apartment was spray painted on all four sides with racist, hate speech, including the “n word,” which her young daughter tried to read.  

Racism and hate are conversations Jowana says she’s just not ready to have with her six year old, and feels she shouldn’t have to at this age. 

“My daughter is at the age where she embraces everybody, it doesn’t matter the skin color or anything, and I don’t want to teach my daughter that maybe one day you’re going to be hated upon,” said Sallam. 

Kay Brandon says he’s worried about his child being exposed to that as well, and fears for other black residents, especially children, in the area. 

“Could be a little kid around here, and someone feels like that towards African-Americans, it can get ugly, and nobody wants that around here,” said Brandon. 

Greece police have now told us that they are investigating this incident, which they say occurred yesterday evening.