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Protesters rally outside Federal Building in support of Mueller investigation

In the aftermath of Jeff Session's resignation as attorney general, many Democrats are concerned about what is next for the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference.

Many fear President Trump will now move to end or hinder the investigation.

Thursday, protests organized by Move On were held across the nation to support the investigation, including in Rochester.

Thursday evening, at 5 p.m., critics assembled outside the Federal Building, fronted by local Democrats, all calling for the investigation to continue.

One of those critics, Jacob Reddig, who showed up to protest said, "I don't think someone who has publicly ranted about the unfairness of an investigation should be running it, and I don't think an investigation that has had 32 guilty pleas and indictments should be halted because the person running it was forced to resign. I'm embarrassed that someone who lost the popular vote by three million thinks they speak on behalf of the people when shutting down the justice department."

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