ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) moratorium aimed at freezing evictions nationwide through Oct. 3rd.

This was a 6-3 decision split based on the ideology of each judge. While it does allow state governments to keep their own eviction moratoriums in places like New York, since it expires on Tuesday protection for tenants could be running out.  

Those with the City Tenant Union of Rochester complain with economic recovery slow and the Delta Variant putting illness back on the rise tenants on the verge of eviction cannot balance caring for themselves or their family while finding a job.  

“They’re not able to find a job that works with taking care of their family,” Tenant Union of Rochester Communications Director Ritti Singh argued. “The tenants who are at most risks of eviction tend to be mothers of color. That does not always work with the work schedule of jobs that are available.” 

Those in local property owner positions are urging the state to let the eviction moratorium run out pointing to their companies not only going under but hurting the city as they are forced to sell off their low income and affordable housing to outside companies who do not keep units up to code. 

“They have no intention of developing them or improving their properties,” Matt Druoin, Partner of Oak Grove Companies in Rochester said. “They see them as cash flow properties and they never see these properties, they don’t know their tenants. There are slum lords out there that need to be held accountable which our city has not done either through their code enforcement mechanism.” 

Both parties agree the best solution, in the end, was getting all $2.7 billion allocated to the state for rental assistance funds to renters and property owners. But the process continues to be too slow and confusing when being applied for.  

“It is not always easy to prove the hardship. It requires a lot of documentation,” Singh complained. “Especially if you are poor or working-class you might not have it. So, it is difficult to access.” 

Landlords worry any more extensions to freezing evictions will keep overloading the court’s eviction filing systems.  

Those who manage properties add communication with your landlord is key to working out exceptions on paying your rent late. The City-Wide Tenant Union of Rochester wants to emphasize the lack of affordable housing was around long before the pandemic and plans to protest more Monday at 11:00 am outside the County Courthouse.  

Governor Kathy Hochul echoed similar disappointment in the Supreme Court’s decision following her initial speeches promising to speed up the rental assistant funds. She committed herself to explain all options to protect New Yorkers from eviction.