Inmates at the Monroe County Jail are getting help with opioid addiction thanks to a new program.

The sheriff’s office is implementing “medication assisted treatment” or “MAT” units to treat opioid abuse. The program was made possible with a $250,000 grant from the University of Baltimore.

The new program will combine behavioral and drug therapies to help inmates through withdrawal. Many inmates already plan to take advantage of the program.

“I feel more safe, I feel like I have a more solid foundation when I leave here, and if I were to leave here without treatment, who know what would happen,” inmate Thomas St. John told News 8. “You go right back to the same people, right back to the same things you were doing. Coming in here and being able to get this treatment, things look better, things look different.”

So far, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is the only law enforcement agency in the country to receive the funding.