ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In the wake of a Planned Parenthood location scheduled to open in the Brighton area, pro-life groups gathered to protest outside Rochester’s Planned Parenthood Saturday.

“We come out here the fourth Saturday of every month, basically to come and pray and worship,” said Ayesha Kreutz, a pro-life attendee.

Demonstrators carried signs opposing abortion and speakers urged alternatives to the procedure.

The Planned Parenthood location in Greece closed down in December 2020, making the Rochester location the sole site in Monroe County.

Following the Greece location’s closure, plans were announced to open in Henrietta. A spokesperson tells News 8 the scheduled site is actually on the Brighton side, close to the border of the two towns.

Officials from Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York say their mission is to provide healthy, choice-free resources and to educate the communities around them.

“People must remember that Planned Parenthood is here to serve the public and provide safe and legal abortions, in addition to educating people through its advocacy programs on healthy lifestyle choices,” spokesperson of Planned Parenthood, Debora McDell Hernandez said.

In addition to abortion, the Planned Parenthood offers birth control and women’s health resources, HIV services and STD treatment.