President’s Day has been around since the late 1800s to celebrate United States presidents. According to Sarah Burns, associate professor of political science at RIT, the day was originally for the first president. 

“It was started in the late 19th century to commemorate Washington’s birthday,” said Burns. Later, the holiday was also to celebrate Lincoln’s presidency. “It was actually advertisers who moved from calling it Washington’s day or Lincoln’s day to president’s day more colloquially.” 

Some businesses like Best Buy use this day to bring back some big sales. 

“President’s day sales a big way to kick off the year for us,” said Shane Hough, manager at the Henrietta location. He says his store was packed all weekend. “Tax returns, gift cards, so many good things coming around this time of year,” said Hough. Best Buy is able to offer some good deals on items like the Mac.

Things may be a bit different at some other stores like Jamestown Mattress. A store that has been in the Rochester region for over 100 years.  

“We don’t have your typical sales,” said Jason Wallace, the Henrietta location’s store manager. “We’re factory direct so there’s no middleman price.” 

Wallace says he has worked at other stores that may try to lure in customers with big discounts. According to Wallace, these are based off a fake price. “They’re discounting off of a fictitious market value price, 30 to 50 percent off, it’s not off the everyday price that they sell the mattress.”