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President Trump says he wants to end birthright citizenship for some US-born children

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President Trump threw a bombshell into the dialogue about immigration reform. He wants to do away with a constitutional right known as birthright citizenship.

Paula Aguilera says her parents were looking for a better life, which is why they moved from Mexico to America, around 22 years ago. Though Aguilera’s parents were not citizens when she was born, being born in American granted her automatic citizenship: thanks to the 14th Amendment. 

“At the end of the day we are citizens and just like any other citizens we are protected with the 14th Amendment.” said Aguilera. 

Recently, President Trump said he’s trying to end birthright citizenship. Meaning future children of immigrants wouldn’t automatically be citizens. Aguilera finds that outrageous that the president thinks he can override a constitutional guarantee. 

“The fact that that’s being questioned.. I feel that there should be other people that are worried about that too because we all have that right,” she explained.

Politicians are divided as well. Locally, the Congressional Democratic Candidate for New York’s  25th District, Joe Morelle, says they president is just trying to create a diversion. 

“Its got 200 plus years of precedence and a quick read of the constitution would let you know that you can’t by executive order, change the constitution of the United States,” said Morelle.

Dr. Jim Maxwell, the Republican congressional Candidate, disagrees with the president. 

“If you’re born here, you’re a citizen,” stated Dr. Maxwell.

But he sides with the president, that immigration legislation needs to be tighter. 

“They barge their way through the front door and we can’t allow that. We have rules, we have procedures that must be followed,” said Maxwell.

Legally, a president cannot issue an executive order to change a constitutional right, but he can recommend someone in congress to propose it. Ultimately, it would need to go through congress for changes to be made. 

According to reports, administration officials say there would likely be no decisions until after the midterms, due in part to the president’s trip to Pittsburgh. 

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