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Dr. Mathew Devine offered up his prescription for a healthy holiday season and beyond Thursday during News 8 at Sunrise.

Dr. Devine, the Medical Director for Accountable Health Partners and the Associate Medical Director for Highland Family Medicine, said there are some basic reasons we struggle to stay healthy during the winter months.

“We find ourselves indoors more often, and that just becomes basically an incubator for some of these germs to spread from one to another,” he said.

Dr. Devine offered the following steps to reduce our risk for getting sick. “We all want to have fun over the holidays, so I think following some very simple techniques makes sense. So getting good rest, eating healthy food. The big cardinal one is washing your hands. It makes sense, but I’m just going to break it down. So you want to kind of get your hands wet, lather them up, rinse them. You want to really kind of scrub them for about 15 seconds before you rinse them and then dry them. That’s according to the CDC and those are things that we continue to kind of look at doing. Also, thinking about being inside, you want to really kind of clean the house. So you want to make sure the high impact areas like you kitchen, your bathrooms, even the kind of areas where you do laundry, try to set up a schedule to do these things on a weekly basis so that they get done pretty often, and try to make them fun if possible. I know cleaning is never a fun opportunity for anybody. And then, getting in the flu shot. You know that’s a big one that it’s still not too late. It’s here in the state. It’s not a full blown epidemic yet, but there’s opportunities to still cover yourself for that.”

For more information, check out the Centers for Disease Control website, click here.

You can also reference the Association for Professionals in Infection Control website, click here.

And you can get advice on the do’s and don’ts when someone in your house is sick, click here.

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