ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Memorial Day and the end of school are right around the corner, prompting some communities to start opening their pools.

Pool season is coming up, and experts say that it can be a lot of work to maintain the water after a long winter.

“Most people are a bit frustrated,” Brian Pepper, store manager of Ace Swim and Leisure said. “They hope for the best pulling their covers off.”

Some pool owners may find that their water has turned green.

“Green water, I mean there’s algae in the water, whether we see it or not,” Karen Blossom, retail manager of Pettis Pools and Patios said. “If you see it, it’s already 100 layers thick.”

There are different supplies that experts say are essential for opening and maintaining an underground or above-ground pool. These supplies may seem like a lot of extra costs, but it will ensure a clean and safe pool.

“In the long run, your water chemistry is up to par and balanced,” Pepper said. “That helps your chemicals work far easier. Staying ahead of the game by using preventative things such as algicide and shocks and keeping up on your chlorine additions are going to make it so that you have a worry-free summer without your pool turning green.”

Keeping the pool clean with chemicals is an important part of safety, but there are some other safety measures to keep in mind.

“There’s all kinds of safety features that are required,” Blossom said. ” For an in-ground pool, you have to have a fenced-in area. For an above-ground pool, your pool wall has to be a certain height. The ladders that come out of there have to have some kind of self-locking or latching device that will allow you to not get into the pool from the ladder when it’s not being used. There are alarms on pools. We can’t sell you a pool without an alarm system as well.”

There are a few steps to getting the pools open for the summer, but if you keep up with the maintenance, experts say that will ensure a great summer.