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Police searching wooded area for David Morgan's body

GENESEO, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - A search has resumed in Geneseo for convicted felon, David Morgan. 

Morgan hasn't been seen since a traffic stop in July on Route 63 where police said he pointed a gun at an officer. He was able to escape into a wooded area in the ensuing chaos. In the following days, deputies, troopers and police searched Geneseo and surrounding areas for him.

Morgan is on the run from North Carolina where he was on probation. Law enforcement there tell us they discovered more than three pounds of marijuana in Morgan's house which violated his release.

On Wednesday, police revealed that prior to leaving North Carolina, Morgan told several loved ones that he was "troubled" and they should not expect to see him again.

Sandra Brown, Morgan's girlfriend, who was arrested during the traffic stop told police that Morgan mentioned wanting to go out "Bonnie and Clyde style."

According to police, Wednesday's operation is a secondary search in effort to recover Morgan's body. Police also tell us a nationwide search continues. 

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