HOLLEY, N.Y. (WROC) — There is an ongoing police investigation in Orleans County involving an altercation at the Holley Middle School last week. This is surrounding a student who identifies as transgender.

The incident happened during school on June 2nd when a 7th grader, who goes by the name River, was wearing a rainbow pride flag at school.

Another student reportedly pulled the flag, which River was wearing as a cape and had been fastened around his neck. In response, River tells News 8, he pulled the other student’s backpack. The other student had then yanked on the flag, again, but this time harder, pulling River down. This led to a physical fight between the two students.

The school district had contacted the students’ parents and both students were disciplined according to a school and police investigation.

River’s mom, Robayn Perrin, however, says her child had been subject to bullying for months.

“He’s into see his doctor and his therapist and everything else and it’s all because of the bullying that he has a hard time making it through the week so come March nothing had come of that and we still kept trying to push you the phone calls and then all of a sudden you last week here came the attack,” Robayn said.

“After the altercation, a parent of one of the students contacted police because they had a concern and the police did come to school. They asked to see the video our surveillance cameras caught of the event, and after reviewing the video, they shared with us they felt that our approach in handling of the situation was appropriate and they found no cause of crime or any additional follow up. That’s what they reported to us,” says Brian Bartalo, Superintendent of Holley Central School District.

River and the other student were issued suspensions as a result of the altercation. Police say this is an ongoing investigation.

Chief of Police in Holley, Robert Barton, was not available to speak on the matter Monday.

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this developing story.