ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester’s controversial Police Accountability Board has officially begun its search for an Executive Director.

The Police Accountability Board is a newly-created nine-member City of Rochester body that oversees all allegations of misconduct against “uniformed members” of the Rochester Police Department. PAB members will be, “responsible for reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and selecting our Executive Director,” according to Board Chair Shani Wilson. Following the selection of a candidate by the Board, the Rochester City Council must hold a Confirmation Hearing to approve the candidate.

Wilson is looking forward to the search. “We are excited to have arrived at this step,” she said. “We are eager to begin our work.  I am confident that we will find a number of qualified candidates that will be able to serve this Board and our community.”

The Executive Director of the Board will earn a salary ranging between $72,491 and $95,582, according to the listing for the position.

Applications for the Board will be accepted through June 10. The Executive Director will be required to maintain City residency.