Pistol re-certification process causing confusion for gunowners

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Gun rights was one of the hot button issues during the presidential campaign and will continue to be a key issue for President-elect Trump.
In New York, under the Safe Act, pistol permits must be re-certified every five years, but many are unsure of what the process entails. 
One thing is certain, however. If you were issued a pistol permit before January 2013, like Thomas Wood, you must be re-certified within the next year under the New York State Safe Act. 
“I don’t know what the whole process is now rather when I run out does it mean I have to take the whole course again or what?” said Wood. “We don’t have any guidance.”  
Wood and other handgun owners are flooding County Clerk offices across New York State with questions. 
Wayne County Clerk, Michael Jankowski, says his office has very little to do with the process. 
“County clerks have been briefed back in September as to where the State Police are,” said Jankowski. “This is a process being run by the State Police it’s not being run by the county clerks. “
“We’ve called the State Police hotline and we cannot get a definitive answer,” said John Huther, who has been going through the process. “How much is going to cost, they don’t know. How long will the process take, they don’t know? They refuse to tell us any answers because they don’t know the answers.”
According to New York State Police, they have developed an online re-certification process. In a statement, police say, “this website will be operational by January 2017. Permit holders will be notified once the system is up and running. There will also be an option to re-certify by mail.” 
Wood and his family shoot at least once a week at the firing pin in Bergen. He says this website should have been up a long time ago. 
“Just so they can work out the kinks ahead of time,” he said. “Every time I believe the state has put a website up it hasn’t run correctly.  “
According to New York State Police, they say they are prepared to individually review every re-certification submitted and make the process seamless.  

To learn more about the wait on pistol permit applications and how county clerks are responding, click here.

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