Perinton residents air their grievances over landfill odor

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Outside of Jennifer Richards home in Perinton, something stinks. 

“It almost just smells like rotten garbage,” said Richards. 

Richards has been a neighbor to the High Acres Landfill for 14 years and says it wasn’t always this smelly. 

At least not all the time. 

“I used to only smell it early in the morning and now you can smell it at any given time during the day,” said Richards. 

Richards isn’t the only one smelling something foul more often. Her neighbors told the Perinton Town Board they do too. 

“We estimate the true number of houses affected by the odor in the last three weeks,” said one person at the meeting. “It’s over 10,000 houses.”

“To me, there is nothing more important in this town than the environmental integrity of our town,” said another speaker. 

News 8 caught up with Town Supervisor Mike Barker, who told us they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution with Waste Management. 

But we had to ask, what exactly is the issue?

“There’s been some operational issues,” said Barker. “They removed a road that they think contributed and they found that one of their vacuums was plugged. They tried a different type of gas retraction system.”

Waste Management also had this to say about the situation,

We are working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), the Towns of Perinton and Macedon, as well as the area residents regarding odors at the facility. Waste Management is implementing measures to address this issue and the NYSDEC is also on site regularly to monitor progress and operations.  We are committed to controlling odors from the site and we will continue to work to address any issues.

Meanwhile, neighbors like Richards can’t help but wonder how long that will take.

“We throw graduation parties,” said Richards. “The last thing I want is my guests coming and smelling is this terrible odor.”

We also reached out to High Acres, who did acknowledge the issue and they say they are working to fix it.

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