Perinton outlines new plan for odor management at High Acres Landfill

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PERINTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Perinton is cutting back on the amount of garbage being brought in to the town from New York City.

People living in the town said the smell at the High Acres Landfill was unbearable. The main issue: trains were bringing in tons of waste from outside of the area.

Perinton’s town supervisor says a new deal announced Monday means the amount of waste from downstate will drop. He also says Waste Management will provide reports on any “undue odors” caused by the landfill.

“Added protections and enhanced accountability provide the framework in our eight point plan to minimize and control orders at High Acres Landfill,” Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna said. “Each of the points will complement things already in place and enhance accountability.”

The 8-point plan includes the following measures:

  • 1. Improvements to the general operation and maintenance of the landfill. This willensure that Waste Managementcontinues to invest in best operating and maintenance practices, including those identified in Waste Management’s September 2018 commitment letter to the Town of Perinton.
  • 2. Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting. Making Waste Management responsible to perform the most stringent landfill surface scanning assessment for fugitive gas emissions in all of New York State.
  • 3. Continued and improved information sharing. The Town will ensure Waste Management’s participation in routine Tech Team meetings to discuss operational activities, ongoing mitigation, employment of best management practices, and causes of odor concerns. Waste Management will also provide the Town with updates on all regulatory communication with Federal/State Agencies.
  • 4. Creation of a new Odor Verification Program utilizing ASTM Standards to evaluate the intensity of odors.
  • 5. Upgraded Odor Notification Program. Waste Management will continue to be responsible for maintaining, operating, and funding a local odor notification hot-line accessible 24/7. Trained personnel will respond within 30-minutes to measure odor type, duration, and intensity utilizing a scientific ASTM n-butanol scale.
  • 6. Odor Event Accountability. Waste Management will provide written justification to the Town of Perinton for the cause of undue odors, identify mitigative steps that will be taken and associated timeframes to address off-site impacts.
  • 7. New restrictions on rail operations. The Town is concerned over the volume of municipal solid waste coming from the 5-boroughs of New York City to High Acres Landfill. Therefore, the Town will work with Waste Management to reduce the volume of municipal solid waste delivered to High Acres Landfill by rail from New York City to pre-2017 levels. The Town is making this request to ensure that Waste Management can reasonably manage incoming waste delivered by rail to High Acres Landfill and responsibly control associated odors.
  • 8. Additional restrictions on waste in accordance with the Waste Characterization Study. In 2018, the Town of Perinton and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation commissioned a Waste Characterization Study, completed by a third-party consultant, which evaluated all types of waste and all types of transport methods, including rail waste coming from New York City.

The full plan is outlined on the Perinton town website. Perinton residents can view it and submit comments or suggestions. That comment period is open until May.

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