Perinton residents are vowing to make a stink over the stench coming from the High Acres Landfill.

Even the landfill owner admits, the foul smelling odor is a crisis. 

Residents crowded into a meeting on Tuesday night to get answers, but didn’t like what they heard. 

Many people who attended the meeting were not buying what Waste Management was selling in terms of the explanation they offered for why this is still going on and what the next steps will be. 

Waste Management assured the packed room they’re working on a plan to rid Perinton of the stinky smell.

“We’ve been given a blank check to do whatever we need to do to take care of the situation,” said a Waste Management representative.

Officials explained the problem happened when they switched how gas was collected at the site. 

They said getting it to go away now might not be a fast process, or a pleasant one. 

“The activities we’re got going on are unfortunately creating odors as we’re correcting them.”

Their explanation didn’t seem to be enough reassurance for the estimated 200 people in the meeting. 

Many, like homeowner Gary McNeil said they’re fed up with all the talk. 

“Waste Management seems to have a reactive management approach,” said McNeil. “Wait until something fails, wait until the public is angered and noise gets to a certain level. Then invest in the infrastructure and call it remediation.”

McNeil says he’s concerned the smell will keep coming back and disrupting their lives. 

“Will little league baseball be able to conduct practices come April? Will Canal Days be ruined in June,” McNeil asked.

Others vowed to keep bringing up the issue until the smell truly goes away.

“We’re getting a stink. Make a stink.” 

Waste Management said they do not believe this odor is a danger to homeowners or their families. 

Some of those residents also expressed concerns about that, saying no one truly knows what the effects could be.