ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A big day for borrowers as student loan payments have resumed as of October 1.

The pause in payments went into effect because of the pandemic nearly three years ago. Now it’s time to time to start repaying the loans.

According to, borrowers will receive the bill and due date at least 21 days before its due. Whether you finished school years ago or you’re just now enrolling, students loans shape your college learning experience and can have an effect on the progress of your future.

In Collegetown, local students shared their thoughts — with some saying they are not a fan of the idea of having to pay it back in this economy.

“A lot of people, their student loan payment only went towards the interest which means the principal balance would never go down,” one student told News 8. “It’s a never-ending cycle of paying student loans and they would always have a balance. I think going forward, if somethings not done where the payments are only applied to the principal, people would never get out of that loan.”

“Students must have access to university and become something free for everybody and not become something for few people or just for who is rich.” Foreign college student Elona Ndoj said. “It’s not fair because education is the base of any society.”

For more information on what to do regarding repayment plans, click here. The website also contains alternative options for paying college tuition other than using loans.