There are close to 30,000 students in city schools and every move made at the upper level will children and their parents.  

City Mayor Lovely Warren announced Friday that she is submitting legislation asking voters their opinion on a state takeover of the Rochester City School District

Some parents like Erika Taylor, just want their children to have opportunities to better themselves.

“I feel like we worried about the wrong things and honestly I really don’t have an opinion on who should take over the district, I just want them to improve a lot of things in the district for the kids,” said Erika Taylor, who has three children in the school district.  

Walida Sims has eight children who all at one point have attended Rochester city schools. She supports a state takeover and believes this referendum is worth it even if — in and of itself — can’t trigger a change.

“What we know is it’s not working and I believe in parent and student voice and I believe in community voice and this is a way that we can get the community, parent and students by it,” said Walida Monroe Sims, who has two children in the district.  

The school board just hired a new superintendent and so far, their position has been to work with all the players involved. 

“We are not dismissive of the concern that there are things that need to be done to continue to improve this district, but make no mistake about it, this district is in the right direction,” said Van White 

The referendum will appear on November Ballots, but even if it passes, the legislation still needs to be passed on a state level for the take over the school board.