ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A construction sign at Parcel 5 in downtown Rochester shows renderings for a project to be built on the site — but the sign isn’t real, according to city officials.

It seems to be a part of the “Current Seen” art installation in downtown, and is consistent with the style of Rochester artist ThievinStephen, who is associated with Current Seen.

The sign by “Sub-City Development” shows renderings of five L-shaped high-rise buildings which appear to be McDonald’s McCafes stacked on top of each other. It also shows a theatre with a McDonalds sign above it.

The sign says “MODERN LUXURY” with loft-style apartments called “The Quarters.” It also says “We make it deluxe” with size and building details and offerings. It even goes on to say “NOW LEASING,” which city officials say it is not.

There is a website listed on the construction sign that says, but that website only shows the alleged company’s logo which appears in the top left corner of the sign:

While these renderings are not what will ultimately be built at Parcel 5, the prized vacant lot does have some new plans in store.

Back in July, city officials released plans for the site, which called for a visitor center with restrooms, an overhead canopy, site and stage lighting, a marquee, greenspace, hardscape, and digital infrastructure.

Those plans were released in a request from the city to the state for an additional $4.7 million for the project. City paperwork said the city earmarked an additional $18.8 million for the development, bringing the grand total to $23.5 million.

Last week, additional paperwork found in the 2019 Finger Lakes Progress Report (page 26) highlighted the city’s funding request to the state:

About the Artist, according to Current Seen:

Thievin’ Stephen (Rochester, NY) cuts through stencils, samples, and the world we inherited, in search of truth and beauty. Whether by blade and spray paint, or via drum machine, he creates intricate and layered visions of society, pulled from the remnants left behind by those who came before him. He has been a curator for On The Cut at 4Walls Gallery, the Lobby Gallery, and Rochester Crop Circle. His art has been included in Wall/Therapy, 1975 Gallery, the Bushwick Collective, Succulent Studios, Sage Art Center, and Makers Gallery.