ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) — A rally in support of Palestinians brought demonstrators to downtown Rochester Friday.

The ongoing conflict  between Palestinians and Israelis has gone largely under the radar for most people but Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel October 7th has placed that struggle front and center and as days pass thousands are being killed.

“The median age of Gaza is 18 years old. We are talking about two million people, half of which are under the age of 18, our teenagers and our children,” said Jonathan Khoury.

Jonathan Khoury, one of the event organizers through the Rochester Committee to End Apartheid says the effect that the war has had on him and loved ones has been traumatic. So now they are asking for it to stop.

“What we call for today is peace and justice for all people. we call upon our local representatives through the senate  through the house of representatives to insist on a cease fire which has been proposed and that’s really all we’re here to gather for.”

Roberta Schwartz, who came to support the demonstrators, believes along with others here that more fighting is not the answer.

“The military is not going to end this conflict. humanity, and food, clothing, fuel, and water are basic human rights that everyone deserves and certainly the Palestinians more now than ever.”

Another event organizer, Basem Ashkar says asks for protection and justice for Palestinians.

“To me everybody that supports the war, they are criminals. We are human beings, we look for peace and justice and we are like anybody in the world. We should have a right to freedom and our land,” said Ashkar.