ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Members of the Police Accountability Board met on Tuesday and presented an open letter to city and county leadership, questioning why they haven’t been part of the conversation after news broke of Daniel Prude’s death after encounter with Rochester police back in March.

“We are at a loss to understand why the PAB has been discluded from the deliberations.”

Chair of the PAB Shani Wilson said the death of Daniel Prude has amplified the urgency for the need for police accountability board. Wilson said throughout this whole discussion with the Rochester Police Department, they have not been included in the conversation for change.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren announced Monday an internal review of the Daniel Prude death investigation, the end of the police chief’s tenure, and the suspension of high-ranking city employees.

The mayor said that Police Chief La’Ron Singletary’s last day in the position is Monday. The mayor also released a 323-page report into Daniel Prude death investigation. Since the news broke of Prude’s death on September 2, many city and county leaders have come forward, but members of the PAB say they haven’t been included.

WATCH: Footage of encounter between Daniel Prude and Rochester police officers before his death

“We think these are examples of why we need to be here. We talk about oversight and accountability that is what the people of the city voted for.” Wilson described it as disheartening. “We need to honor that accountability and make sure we are part of that process.”

A statement reads, the accountability board is “recommending the PAB be more effectively and proactively utilized in both the oversight of cases involving death in police custody, and as part of the recently established RASE task force. The people’s demands for police accountability have been heard loud and clear; we want to make sure those demands are implemented as widely and immediately as possible.”

PAB is interviewing 10 candidates for its executive director and hopes to make an offer by the end of October.

Just hours before its first meeting in January was set to take place, the board lost its power to discipline officers due to an injunction. Since November, the Rochester Police Locust Club has maintained that the PAB is illegal, and has continued to challenge it in the courts.

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