An Orleans County man was arraigned this week on charges linked to police accusations that he held a woman captive and raped her repeatedly for 7 weeks.

The man being charged is Gerardo Quiros and police say all this happened at his home in Ridgeway on Route 104.           

It took police several days to apprehend Quiros. 

He was eventually found in Niagara County.

According to court paperwork, Quiros both raped and beat the woman over the course of almost 2 months.            

The Orleans County district attorney says this incident was not random.

“The allegations are that they had an ongoing relationship and it was in the course of that relationship that these crimes occurred,” said Joseph Cardone, the Orleans County DA.

Quiros is charged with 7 counts of forced sexual intercourse and 20 counts of forced oral sexual conduct among other charges.

He posted bail earlier this week.