It’s not a question of who killed Jim Tan last February, it’s whether it was justifiable for his son, Charlie Tan, to shot him at least 3 times in their home.
Charlie Tan, free on bail, was welcomed to court in a way that is becoming familiar for him, with plenty of support from friends. He’s charged with the murder of his father.
In opening statements of his trial we’re getting a better glimpse of what happened that day. According to first responders, Tan immediately said he shot his father. 
Tan’s attorneys believe Charlie Tan was forced to take action because of his father’s physically abusive ways.
The district attorney’s office says evidence suggests the killing was premeditated and believes Jim Tan’s body could have been left untouched in the home for days before his wife called 911.
“In our argument to the jury we will have evidence that will provide a compelling basis to believe that he died earlier than the 9th in a manner that would be consistent perhaps with the 5th,” said Assistant  District Attorney William Gargan.
“Mr. Gargan has a very simple theory of this case, what I told the jury and what I told you guys (the media) is the same thing. It’s not open and shut. It’s not as simple as he wants it to be. It’s not as simple as it may, frankly, appear to be,” said Tan’s lawyer, Brian DeCarolis.
The prosecution is still waiting to see if the judge will allow the jury to visit the Tan house in Pittsford.
The trial is expected to last weeks.