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Ontario Co. remembering victims, warning drivers at DWI sobriety checkpoints

ONTARIO COUNTY (WROC) - It's been 15 years since Sarah Palermo lost her 26-year-old daughter Lindsay Kyle. Time, she says, doesn't heal everything, but it teaches you how to work with the pain. The worst part, she says, is that it was 100 percent preventable, but it had no warning.

"A drunk driver rear-ended her going at 106 miles per hour," explains Palermo, "pushed her into her fiance's car, she turned 180 degrees, went under a bus that was in front of her fiance's car."

Lindsay died at the hospital about an hour after the accident. A debilitating loss that Palermo has now turned into not only inspiration, but prevention.

She partnered with Suzanne Cirencione from STOP DWI in Ontario County. Starting this fall, Lindsay will be honored at sobriety checkpoints throughout the county.

"When we do sobriety checkpoints throughout Ontario  County, whenever that may be, they will be dedicated to someone who has lost their lives," said Cirencione.

At sobriety checkpoints, officers would give drivers a card with a DWI victim's photo and information on it, to remind you that driving while intoxicated can result in more than just a ticket.

“At the sobriety check point, there will also be a large photo of the person that we are memorializing and dedicating the stop to as well, so that the people that go through really see what it's about,” adds Cirencione.

Though nothing can bring Lindsay back, Palermo say she and her family is honored to be the first selected; an opportunity allow a life suddenly taken to live on. “Through programs like the sobriety checkpoint, many more people will meet Lindsay and she will have the ability to change some more peoples' lives down the road, I hope.”

This new STOP DWI Program will begin fall and go through September 30 of 2019. STOP DWI of Ontario County hopes to spread this program to other counties in New York later this year.

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