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The One Take Film Festival will be held at The Little Theatre in Rochester this Thursday through Sunday, May 18-21.

Linda Moroney, the Director of the One Take Film Festival, and Bri Merkel, the Artistic Director at The Little Theatre, discussed the inaugural event Wednesday on News 8 at Noon.

“It’s a celebration of all things non-fiction and documentary film,” said Moroney. “It grew out of our documentary series that has been running for five years now, the One Take Doc Series, which runs the second Tuesday of the month, and we decided to expand it to include a celebration of a small burst of celebration of documentary films.”

The film fest will feature documentaries, music and food. “It’s all in theatre one right inside The Little on East Avenue,” said Merkel. “You’ll walk in, and there will be a food truck there when you come. You’re welcome to bring food into the theatre. Normally we don’t allow that, but we’re going to make an exception for the food trucks that night so that people can try local food and they can come inside. And then we’re going to have live music. Guy Higgins and Friends is our house band. He’s going to be doing different music that is all sort of in tune with the movie we’re going to be playing. So, we’re really trying to wrap everything together. So, that music is in some way going to be inspired by the film we are about to see. We’re going to have discussions after almost every film. We’re going to be talking to filmmakers after a lot of the films. And then, we’re basically going to have a little hangout spot over at 2 Vine after our shows, so people can go and have a glass of wine, and talk about the movies that they’ve seen, and there’s going to be some appetizer specials. So, you can really just stay there the whole time.”

The Vanguard Award will presented during the One Take Film Festival. “We are a non-competitive film festival, but we are honoring one filmmaker each year,” Moroney said. “Each year we’ll do it, and this year it’s the legendary filmmaker Steve James, who is so accomplished, and he has so much heart, and warmth, and creates these incredibly complex but human stories. So this year we’re showing his film called ‘Abacus,’ which is an incredible film, and we’re pairing that with ‘Hoop Dreams,’ that people know and love, and has been held as one of the best documentary films of all time.”

The film fest will also feature local documentaries. “We basically put it out to the community, and we got a lot of short submissions,” Merkel said. “We picked some really amazing films, and we’re going to be doing it during the lunch hour, I guess, although it will go a little over an hour on Friday. We are going to have box lunches from Orange Glory available for purchase, so people can grab their lunch, go in, see the movie, and we’ll have some local filmmakers there to talk about their films after the show.”

People who attend will also have a opportunity to experience virtual reality film making. “Filmmakers are gravitating towards pushing boundaries of not just storytelling, but forms, and how stories are being told,” Moroney said. “So, a lot of documentarians, in addition to creating a film that we would watch in a theater, or on our television, are creating component pieces in virtual reality, and pushing the boundaries of telling these non-fiction stories. So, we have probably about eight headsets that people can come in, and experience what it’s like.”

For more information about the One Take Film Festival, click here.

For more information about The Little Theatre, click here.


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