ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The trial of Kelvin Vickers continued Monday, after officers in Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz’s unit — as well as other responding officers — testified about the events the night of.


The Boston man is facing charges related to the shooting death of Rochester Police Officer Mazurkiewicz, and charges connected to the fatal shooting of two other men just prior.

The prosecution tells News 8 they feel confident in their approach, chronologically covering the events going through July 19, 20, and 21, 2022.

The two other homicides the prosecution plan to connect Vickers to are 25-year-old Myjel Rand, who died after being taken to the hospital, and 19-year-old Ricky Collinge, who died on scene.

Starting Thursday:

The DA’s office presented evidence from July 20 and 21 as Rochester police officers took the stand.

It was emotional testimony: almost all of the officers were visibly shaken remembering Officer Mazurkiewicz, and recounting the night.

In the early session Thursday, Officer Thomas said he knew Officer Mazurkiewicz for 10 years, and says he helped Mazurkiewicz from the car after he was shot.

Later in the day, Officer Rodriguez fought back tears recalling how he was the first marked car to arrive, adding he drove Seng to RGH.

The jury was shown Officer Rizzo’s body-worn camera footage — Rodriguez’s partner — and it was tough to watch. The jury saw Rizzo putting a tourniquet on Seng, as well as the chaos of the scene, and the drive to the hospital.

An officer also detailed the search of a seemingly vacant house led to Vickers being detained… All painting a detailed picture for the jury.

District Attorney Sanda Doorley and Defense Attorney Michael Schiano said intent is the key to this case.

“I think the real issue here is whether or not the defendant knew or reasonably should have known that Officers Maz and Seng were police officers,” she said. “That seems to be… the crux of this case. And I believe that once all the evidence is placed before the jury and arguments in closing are made… I believe will be successful in that argument.”

“I think that that’s gonna be critical to intent here, because again, you have officers who are over there investigating or doing surveillance, not knowing that, that there’s been this violence, gang violence between these two factions for the past, 48 to 72 hours,” Schiano said. “And, you know, 32 shots have been fired at 55 Laser Street.”

Much of Schiano’s cross was meant to show that officers were on edge, and that the scene was chaotic.

The trial of Kelvin Vickers was called off for Friday due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Monday, a weapon entered into evidence the prosecution alleged could be the murder weapon, wrapped in a sweatshirt – along with an extended magazine nearby wrapped in a shirt.

There was also a lot of technical evidence presented of Officer Mazurkiewicz’s van, with RPD’s analyst concluding the van was shot several times from the back.

Doorley seemingly connecting the dots that these were Vickers’ missing clothes when he was detained.

Video played Monday showed Vickers coming out of the second floor of that home on Laser Street the night Mazurkiewicz was shot.

Court is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

Follow along with Dan Gross on “X” as the trial continues.

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