Rochester Police Department announced, officer Michael Sippel has been fired as a result of his conviction in the assault of Christopher Pate. 

Sippel was found guilty of Assault in the third degree on May 28, 2019. 

Last year, Pate said he was attacked by Officer Sippel and his partner Officer Spenser McAvoy after being stopped on Fulton Avenue when officers believed he was a wanted man. In his testimony, Pate said even after he proved his identity, the officers persisted and beat him. Pate suffered fractures to his skull and jaw as a result. Pate was also arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Those charges were later dropped.

According to the Public Officers Law, the RPD cannot employ anyone convicted of a crime that violates their oath of office. The Rochester City Charter states no officer convicted of any crime can remain on the force, except motor vehicle-related misdemeanors.

Sippel’s termination from the RPD was effective the date of his conviction.