The New York State Senate has voted to approve the controversial “Green Light” bill. Called Green Light New York the new legislation will allow undocumented immigrants in New York to apply for a drivers license. 

The law got support from immigration advocates, who said it was not designed to solve federal immigration issues, but rather fix a specific issue with unlicensed drivers. 

In an earlier interview, Monroe County executive Cheryl Dinolfo criticized the bills’ legality. 

“The legislation in front of us now does not follow the law,” said Cheryl Dinolfo, Monroe County Executive. “In fact by issuing a license to an illegal immigrant really recognizes that you are breaking a law.”

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello, who is running against Dinolfo for county executive, also said he has a problem with the current legislation.

“What goes back to if you take a broader view of it is the failure of the federal government to really deal with the immigration issues we have in this country,” said Bello.

Governor Cuomo promised to sign the bill into law if it made it through the Senate.