The New York State Senate passed a bill on Monday that creates a new Great Lakes Flood Recovery Grant Program that would help give needed financial assistance to people affected by flooding along Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Champlain, and the St. Lawrence River. 

The bill makes $55 million in grants available to property owners, businesses, farms, not-for-profit corporations, municipalities, and counties affected by the high water levels. 

The bill is modeled after the program implemented after the statewide flooding from storms Irene and Lee in 2011. It will provide up to $20 million administered through the state’s Empire State Development Corporation to help with physical flood-related damage. 

Recipients could receive up to $15,500 for owners of residences, $30,000 for owners of multiple dwellings, $50,000 for small businesses and farms, and $100,000 for not-for-profit corporations for damage not covered under insurance or an existing local, state, or federal program. 

Municipalities and special districts would be eligible for a total of $20 million in grants, up to $1 million each, for infrastructure spending caused by flooding and not already covered under existing funding programs. 

Counties would be eligible for a total of $5 million in new grants for flood mitigation or flood control projects costing at least $250,000 up to $500,000, and related to the recent Great Lakes water levels. 

The bill has been sent to the Assembly.