North Winton Village Association says Aldi will move into vacant Tops building

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The North Winton Village Association sent out a tweet Thursday night saying Aldi will be moving into the vacant Tops Friendly Markets building in Rochester.

Tops closed its doors on North Winton Avenue and Blossom Road in October 2018 and the building has remained vacant since.

Aldi has been trying to open a location in the North Winton Village for the past few years but a court ruling put the project on hold and the company eventually abandoned the plan.

According to the North Winton Village Association, Aldi will share the former Tops building with two to three other businesses.

Bryce Miller, Vice Chair, North Winton Village Association says, “It’s needed a makeover for years.”

The Aldi plan, the surrounding stores, and living quarters are the 24-year vision of Mary Coffey and Marylin Schutte finally coming true. 

“We’re so excited, our young people are moving into North Winton Village, the property values are rising, we have beautification,” says Schutte. 

Here is the plan: Aldi will move into the old Tops store. There will two to three other stores in the same building. Across the street on the lot where Aldi originally planned to build, there will be a three-story multi-use building. 

Mary Coffey, Co-Chair, North Winton Village Association says, “There is no reason this can’t be done. Everyone deserves a good quality of life.”

“So, it’s very exciting that we’re getting a new, fresh business to replace the old one that had vacated, but also one that has some neighborhood history that now people have come together that are excited about, and really re-doing an area that can use the help,” says Miller. 

The neighborhood association says the new Aldi store is expected to be coming in the fall of 2019.

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