No NYC waste facility in Butler after Tully Environmental pulls proposal off the table

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BUTLER, N.Y. (WROC) — Opponents of a proposed New York City waste facility in the Town of Butler are celebrating after the company behind the sludge composting project pulled out Tuesday.

In a letter to Butler officials, Tully’s Vice President wrote:

“Dear Supervisor Spickerman,

I am writing to inform you that we are withdrawing our application to the Town for a compost facility in Butler. I apologize for the delay in relaying this decision, but the recent events have taken precedence over potential projects. Our decision is based primarily on the suitability of the site. As we had discussed during our initial meetings, we came to the Town board to be very open regarding our intentions and that we were in the fact-finding stages. Unfortunately for you and the board, this led some people in the community to jump to conclusions way in advance of any formal plans. We recognized that our original plans would not have been feasible in that all operations (composting, screening and storage) would have to occur under enclosed roof. Along with the size of the necessary odor control system to treat all that air, the footprint of the site could not accommodate the requisite buildings. Nonetheless, we did consider an alternate technology that could have operated successful with minimal impacts to the community. After meeting with local utilities and determining cost to provide the required utilities, we could not make economic sense of the project. Had proper utilities been available, we would have been able to build a state of the art facility that would have provided a great benefit to the Town.

I appreciate the professional manner that you received our proposal and heard what we had to offer; discussing our plans in a rational and methodical order. Thank you to you and the board members for your consideration, and we wish you all well in the future.”

In March, more than 150 residents of the Wayne County town attended a public meeting about the matter.

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At that meeting, residents brought up other concerns besides possible contamination. The wear on the roads from ten trucks per day and the cost to tax payers, decreased property values, and the costs of environmental engineers to oversee the site, and more.

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