No cool sweep in Rochester as temperatures surge to a record 92°

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Air conditioning units are getting their seasonal debut this week as many try to escape the heat for the first time this year. Whenever the temperature crests 85 degrees, the City of Rochester triggers a “cool sweep” to give people places to cool down. That did not happen Tuesday. 

As schools remain closed, so do playgrounds as temperatures break 90 degrees. According to the City of Rochester, a cool sweep is triggered after July 1. That is with the assumption that kids are in school through at least May. This year with kids out of school there is still no cool sweep, and few ways to escape the heat. 

That means no water at the spray parks and closed libraries. City officials say they have been having conversations on how to help keep people cool while still staying socially distant. 

Airquip owner Phillip Young says his phone has been ringing off the hook as people try to get their AC units up and running. “When we get this weather, everyone realizes that, yeah my AC, they all turn it on at the same time, and they all realize that it’s not working at the same time,” said Young. “For the season you want to turn it on early, so you know whether it’s going to work or not” 

Some of the biggest offenders to a poorly functioning unit are a dirty filter, breaker turned off, lack of maintenance, or a failed park. Airquip is ready to help. One of their best tips to save energy is to make sure the windows stay closed, even at night as you may let humidity in. “We always recommend, leave your AC on, you can use programmable setback, you still only want to keep four degrees within 8 hours,” said Young. 

If you do not have air conditioning, it is important to keep windows and shades down to prevent sunlight and heat inside the home. When the sun sets and temperatures get lower, you can open up the windows and get the fans going.  

If you are considering buying a window AC unit, they are sold at most big box stores and cost anywhere between $150 and $500. 

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