ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Fifty-five years ago, thousands of workers walked off the job at a company located right next door to News 8.

October 23, 1964

It happened in late October, 1964, when union workers at the former Stromberg-Carlson Company went on strike. The picket line was outside the company plant on Humboldt Street in Rochester.

The workers were fighting for an increase in wages.

On October 23, 1964, truckers were blocked from making their deliveries at the plant, and tensions rose through the afternoon.

Police were called and spent hours on scene trying to keep the peace.

Stromberg Carlson is the company that built the WROC-TV facility on Humboldt Street. The company sold the TV station in the 1950’s and Stromberg Carlson itself was sold off in parts over the next three decades.