ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — It was July 2, 1963 when a Mohawk airliner crashed at the Rochester Airport.

Seven people were killed, including two crew members, and 36 others injured.

The pilot of the Mohawk Airlines Flight 112 tried to take off during a violent thunderstorm. During the initial climb, he lost the control. Shortly after, the plane crashed, broke into pieces and burst into flames.

A 26-year-old airport mechanic, Dick Zeigler, was also part of the fire crew.
He donned an air pack and was first to wade into the burning wreckage.

Zeigler saved a dozen lives.

The NTSB blamed the crash on pilot error. Visibility at the time of the crash was poor, and there was rain and hail.

The crash remains the only airliner crash ever at the Rochester airport.