Ten years ago, Brittanee Drexel disappeared.  The 17-year old was Gates Chili teen was on spring break in Myrtle Beach when she vanished, and her case continues to make headlines around the country.

Some of the last known video of Brittanee Drexel includes surveillance pictures from a resort in Myrtle Beach.  On the night of April 25th, 2009 Britanee visited friends at the resort, then left to return to her own hotel.  She was reported missing the next day.  Police say a ping from Brittanee’s cell phone came from an area 30 miles outside Myrtle Beach, but they never found anything.  Years went by, and then in 20-16 the FBI said they believed Brittanee was dead.  Her mother Dawn moved from Rochester to North Carolina in 2013.  “We stil have hope,” she says.  “But from what we know about the case, what I have to realize, which has been very very difficult, is that these people raped and murdered my daughter.”  

The FBI says its investigation revealed Brittanee was taken 60 miles outside Myrtle Beach, where she was raped and killed.  Their source is an informant.  They have a person of interest.  But no one’s ever been arrested, and Britanee’s body has never been found.  

The case remains open.  The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.