ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rallies were held across New York State today — including Rochester — to celebrate the launch of the New York Renews coalition’s Climate, Jobs & Justice Package.

The package demands the state to fully fund and implement New York’s Climate Act. This includes building renewable energy for all by creating strong, green union jobs, as well as and making polluters and the “ultra-rich” pay what they owe to fund the transition.

Climate change activists and organizations gathered in Rochester Wednesday at Washington Square Park.

According to Hub Coordinator of Sun Rise Rochester Anna Grace, individuals often have other worries on their mind, leaving environmental concerns pushed to the back burner, hence the need for these policies.

“When you’re going to the grocery store everyday and paying all that money for your groceries, of course you’re gonna be thinking of inflation and not climate change,” Grace said. “But what you don’t realize is when you get into your car and let off all these admissions going to and from the grocery store, you are steadily creating a future that no ones going to be able to live in.”