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New student-centered classrooms

BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - The Brighton Central School District is ushering in the school year with new, student-centered classroom environments. 

Two new groups of teachers were given the opportunity to redesign their classrooms over the summer. "Learning spaces" provides students with flexible seating, movable furniture and the classroom are painted brighter. Twelve teachers over the summer had the chance to design the spaces under the leadership of district administrators and Board of Education members. 

School officials tell us it's expected to enhance a student's learning experience. 

"Everything is completely different. It's moving away from that industrialized education feel where students are sitting row, by row by row and creating collaborative learning spaces where students are able to not collaborate with each other and create educational learning relationships with their peers, but also with their teachers and their environment," said third grade teacher, Laura McDonagh.

This is the second year the district is doing this and it's proven to be favorable among the students. The new classroom reconfiguration is at all schools in the district.  

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