Garth Fagan Dance will share new works in “Home for the Holidays” December 5-9 at Nazareth College Arts Center.

Bill Ferguson and Natalie Rogers-Cropper from Garth Fagan Dance discussed the new show Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“Garth Fagan Dance is now 48 years old,” said Rogers-Cropper. “And ‘Home for the Holidays’ just means come watch us, get invigorated, get inspired. We have two matinee shows for families and that will have special things going on, special photographs you can take, lots of holiday cheer, and also pieces that you can see, dance pieces by Garth Fagan, particularly his new work which is going to be performed in all of the shows, ‘The North Star.’ This is a tribute to Frederick Douglass for his 200 year anniversary. This piece is phenomenal, and Garth Fagan – of course – has put out. He’s brought a beautiful piece featuring men and women alluding to his history, alluding to slavery, alluding to the women who supported him and to his rise above all of that, so it’s very positive. At the end there’s a beautiful tribute, a reverence is what we would call it, bowing to him and saying ‘thank you, sir for all that you have done.’ So it will leave you feeling very proud and very uplifted and also respectful of who he was.”

Another new piece for audiences will be “Distant Kin” featuring the skillful touch of Norwood Pennewell. “It’s Norwood Pennewell’s tenth work on the company,” said Ferguson. “This piece is more abstract, and Norwood – PJ as we call him – is doing some very interesting things with lighting and movement and really taking us to another place. One critic said that it takes you to a whole new world, which is a beautiful thing, and it’s a tour de force. The dancers are really working the whole time, but one of the wonderful things about Fagan technique is you don’t see the work, you just see the beauty.”

Rogers-Cropper said whether you’ve seen Garth Fagan Dance before or are experiencing it for the first time, you will see the company through fresh eyes with this new performance. “The company grows, as everything does, so even though you saw it way back when, there are new dancers, there are new stars, the music is new, the lighting is new.”

Ferguson added Garth Fagan Dance opens the door for all ages to be inspired. “We have 66 year old Steven Humphrey, who danced with the company at the very first performance – November, in Buffalo in 1970 – is still performing now. He’s opening the new piece, Garth’s new piece ‘The North Star.’ He’ll be out there!”

Humphrey’s presence is one of many reasons to enjoy “Home for the Holidays” with Garth Fagan Dance this December. To see our entire conversation with Natalie Rogers-Cropper and Bill Ferguson click the link below.

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