The oldest movie theatre in Rochester, the cinema on South Clinton Avenue is under new ownership.

And the new owners want to add what was once long time tradition.

If you’re familiar with the Cinema Theater, you know the cat that wanders the aisles during movies.

The old cat has since passed.

Now there’s a new cat in town, Big Bo, a 20 pound orange and white shorthaired cat they adopted.

Husband and co-owner Alex Chernavsky says there will also be another rescue cat named Genny who is just a kitten.

While the new owners are preserving one tradition, they are making other changes.

“So we’re going to have vegan concessions, we have cookies, I’m going to get kettle corn, candies that are vegan,” said

For the first time the theater will be accepting credit cards and apple pay.

And they want to host weddings, birthday parties, and community events.

The grand opening will be on February second where they will be hosting an adoption event.

The adoption event will also include dogs and rabbits and you’ll be able to watch the movie ground hog day.